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February 2004-A gig I hated to miss out on. Ian performing with another teen idol, Tony DeFranco, and Maxine Nightingale. Several way kewl folks from the Ian list attended as well as folks from all over. Obviously, a fantastic time had by all! Read about it here!
Don't forget to check out the photos at the bottom of the page from those who attended! Thanks again, y'all!
From the one and only Gina (Chitownloon):
OK, got home a little while ago, dropped Maureen off at the airport and Deanna's on her way home to West Chicago so it's time for me to do some typing and tell you guys of are weekend. = )
Started off Friday afternoon, got on the train to pick up Maureen at the airport, actually the train terminal at the airport, i was running late but thankfully so was Maureen, she had just gotten her suitcase when i called her on the pay phone to see where she was, she got there a few minutes later dragging her suitcase down the stairs (if she only knew how many times she was going to do that *smirk*) me being me i wanted her to get the scenic view so i made the poor women take 3 trains, dragging her suitcase up and down stairs cause i wanted her to ride the elevated trains and not the underground, after are lovely rides we got off and started walking to my place about 6 blocks away, first thing Maureen did was plant her feet in some snow *snort* she was doing good until the last few blocks when the cold started to get to her, it actually wasn't bad, lots of sun and in the 30's, i was very proud of her for not complaining to much *grin* we thought D was going to be waiting for us cause we were late but traffic was a bitch and it took her 3 hrs to get to my place so Maureen and i chilled (actually we sweat like pigs, my place was a tad overheated) until she showed, we drove off for some good food at Ann Sathers (love them swedish meatballs baby) then went across the street to a tattoo place she wanted to go to, after that we drove to Deanna's, Maureen got to see some sights but unfortunately it was dark so she didn't get to see a lot. We finally got to D's round midnight.
In the morning we hung a bit, Maureen got to meet the kids and had the pleasure of having eggs Tegan was very excited to make for her *snort*, we finally got are asses out of the house round 11:30, but before we left Maureen had to make her first snow angel which she did and almost ruined trying to get out of the snow *snort*. So on the road we went listening to music (we did play other music besides Cheap Trick, OK only one cd we played wasn't Cheap Trick *grin*.) We're driving and driving and talking and talking, but when we stopped for gas we found out we missed are exit many, many, MANY miles ago so we had to back track big time while Bear is keeping us updated on Maureen's cell on the goings on at the hotel which 99.9% of the time was nothing *snort*, it also seems when i told Madonna (Madonna.....Madonna.....Madonna) what names to ask for to find Bear and Jas i didn't know their room was under Bear's maiden name so she took a nap in her car after asking the desk if so and so was there and getting nowhere cause i had also forgotten to tell her Maureen's last name (good work me) but luckily she did finally find are Bear hanging in the lobby. (i loved when Bear called us to let us know Ian was there, all she said was "put makeup on" LOL) We finally made it there, about two hours late *groan* we hung out in the lobby where i found out Bear and Jas had been hanging  while Bear yelled out "roller fan?" to every women who walked by *snirt*, while Maureen checked in, we met Lori and her sister, Becky Mosley (now Hall) a wonderful lady who was one of the women who put the first rollerfest on in Bay City Michigan in 96 and her hubby, and a blast from the past, Sal Morris who i had not seen since the fest in New Orleans in 98. Very kewl indeed! (Becky and i did talk about you Greg and Diane *evil grin*)
When we were on are way up to the rooms D had forgotten Jas had her overnight bad so as we were getting into the elevator there he was bringing up the rear, we started to laugh and D apologized to Jas for forgetting but being the sweetie he is he just came with us and and hung for a bit while we cleaned up, after we got presentable we went back down and hung out some more and ended up at the Bennigans, thanks to are Maureen who when hearing a party of 8 left, got us their table, the women rocks i tell yas. We had a few drinks and food, Bear, Jas, Lori and her sis hung for drinks then left to go to the 7pm show so we just hung out for a bit then went over early to the theater to hang where we also met up Penny, Becca, and some new girls, another Lori, me being the dope i am i forget the other ladies name, Bear did Wen proud telling them all about Ian's web site, message board, and this list. *snort*
Some of the gang got in line to see Ian and Tony Defranco and get autographs and pics taken (yes Wen Maureen got her pic with the both of them) BTW Tony looks damn cute now. The rest of us hung out and took pics having fun getting caught up.
Finally it was time for the show, the seats were SMALL!! I have no idea how we got are butts in those things but we had fun, the other acts were cute, we laughed when Tony Defranco tried to steal some guys beer when he was trying to find his seat *snort* i think Mo and i scared Madonna and D when we were singing Tony's songs *grin* then the lights went down and we hear music, it was the song the gets played at every graduation (i have no idea what it's called) then we hear what sounds like an apollo landing, next thing i know there's are Ian coming down the stairs, i almost didn't recognize him cause the mans hair is black now (you copy cat you *evil smirk*) and he spiked his hair up a bit witch gave D and i a giggle cause it reminded us of Deanna's son Wayne's hair *g*. He started off with rock and roll love letter, after that i'm afraid i forget the order of the songs, but he did money honey, iowtbwo, wouldn't you like it (which he said the non list Lori asked him to do) smoking inn the boys room which his bass player sang and ended with sat night which everyone who played came out and sang with them.
Afterwards Bear, Deanna, Jas, and i got in line (OK Bear and Jas got in line again *snort*) i tried to get Tony Defrancos attention but he kept what i call "pulling a Duncan" if you've met Duncan you know what i mean *snort* i finally got up to Ian and when he saw me yelled "what are you doing here" and came round the table so we could get are hug on *grin* i also told him "Wen told me to behave tonight, why would she say that" to which Bear said "cause she knows you" *pouts to hide my smile* after a few words and teasing him a bit for the infamous bathing suit pic he had out for autographs *tee hee* we went to hang with the rest of the gang at the SURPRISE bar at bennigans, we were a bit scattered round but at the table was Sal, Becky and her hubby, Bear, Jas, Deanna, Lori, and her sis, we just hung out and had some food and drinks, Bear called Wen and we all yelled hello to her. Ian was working the bar like a pro so we didn't see much of him but when he did come over to are table i remembered he gave Jas a big old kiss on the forehead, LMAO.
We hung out until closing time, it was 1am and we were tired so we said are good-byes, Bear and i got some more hugs and Ian thanked us for coming i told him "anything for you sweetheart", see Wen i can be nice! *grin* we joked around a bit and i lmao when Ian gave Jas a hug and kiss again (look out Wen, your old man is moving on yours and Tams territory *snort*) calling him one tall f***. (insert Shirley's tsk here*grin*) Deanna and i went to hang with Bear and Jas in their room and ended up staying there until 3:30am!
We went back to are rooms and tried to sleep but damn Madonna can snore! *snort* After are wake up call from Jas (he says my just woke up voice is sexy LOL) we went to breakfast at Bob Evans, (but not before we spotted Becky and hubby and said a quick good bye) and had some good food with Bear, Jas, Madonna, Deanna, and Maureen. Then came the moment i always hate, the good-byes, i hung on to Jas and didn't want to let go (yeah big surprise right) but i had to hug my Bear and Madonna so i managed to pull myself away and hugs went all around, we said are good-byes and went back on the road making sure we didn't mess up again and lmao when driving back we found where the exit that we should of gone on was, it was where we got off for a emergency pee break! LOL
We drove Maureen to airport and said are good-byes, the women deserves a medal for putting up with us all weekend i tell you!
It great seeing old friends and meeting up with you newbies, only wish i could have said hi to Conniedog but i kept missing you girl but i did see your kids waving those scarves, hopefully we'll get to chat another time.
I had a great time, hope the rest of you did as well. = )                                                                Gina = )


LorieG attended with her twin sister! Here's what she had to say!:

hey all,

Just got to sit down and put my 2 cents worth in about last nite's show.OH MY GOD! Ian is such a great guy!When I first saw him I hollered at him and got a hug when he came over to where we were all standing cuz Bennigans was PACKED.Bear I'm so glad we met.You are too KEWL for words.Thanks for getting my attention as I walked past you.Gina,MO,Madonna,Becky,Penny,Connie,and whoever else that was there that I can't remember your names glad I got to meet all of you!You all rock!!!!!!!! The show was really great!Ienjoyed the rest of the performers but Ian and Tony had the crowd totally!It was a real treat to finally meet Ian and get to talk to him.He's such a sweetie!Now I know why his fans adore him so!
          Wendy wish you coulda been there and hope to meet you soon!A funny story here...When Ian was autographing my pic I introduced myself to him and he jumps out of his chair for another hug as my sister just laughed.She really enjoyed herself  and couldn't believe how down to earth and friendly the whole band was.Her fave was Rick because he sang Smokin In The Boys' Room which is one of her fave songs of all time.I loved it when Ian sang Rock"n Roll Love Letter as it's my all time fave BCR song.
   Tony called his wife and left his Cell phone on in the 1st show on Heartbeat It's A Love beat.That was pretty nice.

 All in all we had a GREAT time!Will try to scan my pics tomorrow.This is Lorie G. reporting and goodnite.LOLOL


And then Bear's review! Woah, it was kewl! See for yourself!:
First, let me say that Warsaw is in the middle of NOWHERE!  and there is absolutely no direct easy route from Topeka to there....
We got to the hotel on Friday night, and ate at Bennigan's.  I tired to make a reservation for the group of us Ian girls who were going to try and meet up before the show.  They all but laughed in my face.  So Jason and I decided to hang out in the lobby Saturday afternoon, and try to find the people we were supposed to meet up with.  Met Ian as we were getting out of the elevator, got the stuffing hugged outta me.  SIGH!!!  I tell you, if Ian hugged any tighter, he'd be wearing your clothes afterward.    Found Madonna sitting in the lobby all alone...didn't occur to me when Gina said that she told her my "real" name that the credit card I reserved the room under was in my maiden name...
Realizing that I had absolutely no idea what most of the people I was looking for actually LOOK like, I started asking every woman who appeared to be our age "Ian fan?" as they walked by.  Most of them looked at me as if I was insane, and just might be a bit dangerous.  Jason looked out into the driveway of the hotel and asked "are we interested in a car with Illinois plates and three trashy women in it?"  Yup, Gina, Deanna, and Maureen
had arrived.  Becky (Mosely) Hall and her hubby showed up.  Her new hubby is a really nice guy.  Jason helped the "trashy women" with their baggage and I sat in the lobby alone, accosting people with "Ian fan?" when these two women walk by and I hear one call the other "Lorie"  Okay, I know that there are a gagillion people named Lorie in the world, but I chase these two down and sho 'nuff it was Lorie G and her sister.  Soon Penny comes up to the group and asks if we are from the Ian Mitchell list.  That leaves only Conniedog for us to have the whole group gathered.  Never did meet her until after the show in the bar.  Drinks with the gang, then those of us with tickets for the first show take off.  When Gina said that the seats were small she wasn't lying.  I have no idea how I wedged my ass in that seat, but there was no moving until we alerted the crane to remove me after the show.  The show was great fun, but way too short.  Ian and Tony were signing autographs after the show, and I almost stood in line to meet Tony then, but the line was way too long, so us evil smokers went outside to smoke between shows and I met up with some fans who have computers, but had no idea that there was such an online fan community.  got their email addy's and plan to hook them up with information.  2nd show was just as much fun.  I really enjoyed it when all the performers came out to sing "Saturday Night" with Ian.  This says a lot, because mostly, I could give a rats ass if i EVER hear Saturday Night again.  Stood in line to meet Tony, and harass Ian a bit.  It was so cool to meet Tony after all these years.  Tony DeFranco was "the dreamiest" until there was Ian...and then, well there was no competition.  Tony was a cute little boy, but Ian was so beautiful, not to mention 'an older man' (gasp)!
Got Tony's autograph...he seemed a bit amused to sign it "to Bear" and got my picture taken with him, sorta...Jason was taking the picture and had never used the digital before, so the pic of me and Tony is a tad bit blurry.  Harassed Ian a bit...told him I didn't need anymore things in my house with his signature on it...that I had enough I was thinking of selling them.  He suggested ebay <g> (you know I would kill anybody who tried to take my 'Ian-stuff' doncha Ian?)  Then got my picture taken with Ian--Jason again had trouble with the camera...which, as I was wrapped around Ian, didn't bother me, but I pointed out to Jason that Ian might be a bit tired. 
Met up with everybody back at Bennigans for food and drinks.  Called Wen so that she could be part of the fun too.  Ian was the most popular guy in the bar.  He is just so much fun and so gracious to everybody who approaches him.  Let me say it once again, girls, we picked the right Roller to love.  At one point he comes to our table to deliver T-shirts and as he was walking by planted a kiss on my husbands head.  I was like "HEY!  how come you're kissing my husband and not ME?!"   <g>
Last call came all to soon, so we all go to say good-bye to Ian, and get some more of those fantastic hugs.  He hugs Jason good-bye, then looks up (way up) at him and says "you're a big f*****, aren't you?!?"  Jason just laughs and says "yeah, that has been commented on before" 
Alas, all good adventures must come to an end, and sadly, morning arrived and it was time to say good-bye to all these people who are so much more than friends to me.  Gina, Deanna, Madonna, Becky, girls you know I love you.  Maureen, it was so great to meet you, and THANK YOU AGAIN for the boots.  (wearin' them now as a matter of fact and they look tres chic with my sweat pants and pooh sweatshirt) That was more than generous.  I will get the CD burner crankin' in the next few days.
Penny, Lorie, Louise, Connie it was indeed a pleasure to meet you girls too.  I hope we can get together again soon--wait did somebody say ANAHEIM 2005????
PS i will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to get them from the camera to my puter.




Click on the Thumbnail to see the full-size picture in a new window. Thanks to all of you who shared these great shots!

Tony DeFranco, Maureen, and Ian (aka DA MAN!)

Bear and Ian!:-)

Becky, Madonna, Gina, Deanna (back row)-LorieG and Maureen in front.

LorieG and Ian


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