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Ian & Wendy


How could we have an Ian site without learning a bit about the woman behind the man? As a lot of people have discovered, Wendy is a woman with a crazy sense of humor who is often the first to welcome fans who stumble upon the Official site and board. Going by her answers on this page, one can readily see that she's a woman and a wife just like the rest of us; as comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt as she is in a devine gown with her hair up and makeup applied perfectly. She's a Christian woman with strong church and family values, loves to talk about her ratties and shares other events in her life readily......okay, a lot of these get tsks but she's gotten used to it. 

So, I asked her: Getting into the “sighs” part, how did you and Ian meet?
In a night club in Los Angeles…the Coconut Teaser. I asked him for a picture…he asked me out.

What stands out in your mind as the most romantic of moments? (I’m thinking of that reply you gave on the list……okay, we all sighed.)
I don’t even remember what I said. When I was nervous about getting married just 2 days before. I was crying in a pub in front of my friends and family and Ian held my hand and reassured me everything was going to be all right.

 Photograph by Leonard Ortiz

So, what horrid habits does Ian share with other husbands? Does he leave his socks and other icky’s laying around for you to pick up?

Does he help in the arena of house-cleaning? Not Really

I know he cooks…….What’s his top dish……besides you?……tsk tsk. Mitchell’s Homemade Soup!

What are y’alls future plans? Buying a humongous house? That would be nice, but I am just hoping for a house…period. Traveling? YES…around the world…whenever we can!


 What is the hardest part about being the wife of a 70’s teen idol?
Some of the fans either want to hate you just because you accomplished your dream or will kiss your butt until chap stick is needed on their lips. I can’t stand that! No matter what “some” people want to convince themselves about me, I was a fan first and love being treated like anyone else. Yes, I like attention, lots of people do…but I hate getting it just cause I landed Ian. I want to have fun and be crazy and want others to hang with me for me…not Ian. However, most all of the fans are the coolest!!!!!! 

I imagine you keep Ian laughing…..go figure. That I do!

Which one of you has the worst temper? HIM!
Who is most likely to “give in” first after a disagreement? Hmmmm….haha ME!

 What kind of pastimes do you both like to share? Going out to dinner? YES!!!!! Movies in a theatre or home? No, he hates going to the movies but we love videos and we LOVE TV. Going dancing? Heck NO…he hates dancing and I grew up in a family that does it all the time. We also LOVE Hotel rooms. And most of all TRAVEL!

What qualities do you admire most in your husband?
He can be so sweet and caring to me as well as others.


How did you get started with Ratties? IAN…I wanted a dog. Do you both share equally the chores of tending the babies?  Heck no…I have to do it all!LOL

A photo recently shared by Wendy. Used by permission only.    Not to be copied or reproduced.



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