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Ian Kevin Mitchell was born on August 22nd, 1958 to Alan and Mary Mitchell in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. You know, not only do he and I share a birthday, which I also share with my twin brother, but his father's name is the same as my firstborn young'un. Is that awesome, or what!?! Okay, okayyyyy, no tskin'!

Rolling right along (Did I Say That!?!), Ian's siblings include a brother named Tony, and three sisters, Rita, Geraldine, and Kathleen.


He has been married since December 19th, 1992 to Wendy-Ann Antanaitis, an Ian fan herself, and they are the proud parents of several ratties. They make their home in California.

Ian Interview-(Wayyyyy Kewwwlll, huh!?!)

Y'know, Da Man is somethin' else!?! Here's the October 3rd, 2001 interview! Now, who wouldn't want to arm-wrestle him now? His answers are in bold italics....okay, some of them warranted a tsk.........

1. So, what made you decide, and at what age, that you wanted to pick up a guitar and become a musician? To get chicks and have lotsa money.

2. Who were your musical influences then and who do you like to listen to now? Rod Stewart, Slade, 10cc, Queen. Nowadays I listen to Rod Stewart, Slade, Queen, 10cc & added Meatloaf.

3. How would you describe your upbringing? Did your parents always support your decision to go into music? My childhood was wonderful....full of hopes and dreams. My whole family was musical and I had their full support.

4. When you first started out actually performing, did you ever find yourself becoming discouraged? If so, what occurred to set your determination again? I never get discouraged.

5. Was it your goal to become a celebrity, as it is in the case of some performers, or did you just want to play music? No I wanted both, the whole nine expense spared etc etc

6. Speaking of, how do you rate the music of today...what young'uns listen to? Chart music today is mostly too "Broadway" for my liking. Its lost its edge. What do you think of rap music and heavy metal? Some Rap I like, I have always loved Metal. I also like Jamaican Reggae and Blues.

7. What's your preferred genre of film? Westerns? Typical male movies a la Chuck Norris, or do you like drama's, too? Musicals? Actually I like Sci-Fi and Horror. Can't stand fact almost threw up watching a portion of "Fame" the other night.

8. Where do you see yourself in the future? What new or long-time goals do you have? My life is so diverse I live it on a day to day basis. I don't know where I'll be tonight never mind long term future. I like it like that....the unknown.

9. What other talents or interests do you have besides music and computers? Woodworking? Sports? Hobbies? I am a half decent web designer but recently I have got into writing code. I have started writing my own software which is great. Also like flying remote control aircraft.

10. Gotta ask, but how did you get started on owning ratties? Had them as a kid, they were different, intelligent and very loyal.

11. Now, to make everyone sigh, how would you describe your wife, Wendy-Ann? If there was one word you could use that fit her, what would it be? Divergent.

HE DA MAN!!  ;)


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