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Gin's Review:

I attended Ian's Canadian Gig on March 8, 2002 at the Hideaway in St. Catharines. While waiting for Ian's arrival , Sharon , Lisa, and I met up with some other ladies that came to see Ian as well. They were Shar, Debbie and Shelly. We decided to play some pool while the first band played. The teams were me and Sharon , Shar and Debbie. I had a blast trying to get the balls in the pockets. I had not played pool in ages. While we were doing that another band got on stage. That's about the time that Karen R and Lori C arrived. They are such sweeties. I was happy to see them again. So we finished up our pool games then sat down for the last few songs of the other band. Then the announcer came on to announce Ian. As Ian came on stage everyone cheered. He wore his famous black hat and a Black blazer trimmed with red tartan. He also had on black jeans. He looked great. He started the set off with Money Honey. Some of the other songs were Rock and Roll love letter, Sunshine of your life, Its a Game, Saturday night and Bye Bye Baby. Some of the girls went onto the dance floor. When Ian played Saturday night I think the whole bar was up there dancing, even the regular patrons. Ian played great and I loved his red guitar. He made jokes between songs. He is so funny. I love a man with a sense of humor. After the set the girls said I should go get my Dedication album for Ian to sign. I had left the album in the car, because you see, Ian's Dad had passed away two days prior to the gig, March 6.We did not know what to expect. It must have taken an incredible amount of strengthen for Ian to do this show as well as the rest of the tour.
So I gave my album cover to Lisa and sat at the table while she walk towards backstage. All of the sudden Lisa came walking back. She said," Gin come on". I was like, oh cool I am gonna get to meet Ian. My heart was beating a little fast at that point. When we walked in Lisa introduced me as Gin from Long Island (that's in New York). He said, "Oh how nice and shook my hand". Then Ian said, "Gin, are you Gin-ger-ale"? I was like, yeah. He then gave me the biggest hug. Wow, took my breath away. You see, Wendy , Ian's wife ,gave me that nickname. We had met and hung out a bit at Uk2001 fest last June. She is so lovely. Funny too, just like Ian. They must laugh a lot, those two. Anyway, Ian signed my album and we got to chat a bit, before more fans started to come and speak with Ian, too. At one point there were no pens for people to get things signed. So I offered my pen that was back in the bar. I went to retrieve it, but when I tried to get backstage again, some guy told me I could not go back there. So I gave the pen to Lisa. Then Sharon came to say it was time to leave. I told her I had not said a proper goodbye to Lori C or Ian .So we gathered our things and went backstage again. Ian was in the hall taken pictures with more fans. We waited for them to be finished. I said to Ian good bye and thanks again for signing my album. He then gave me a big hug again and thanked me for coming. I think I came the furtherest of everyone there that night. Thats what Sharon had said. We wind up walking out together and in the parking lot I said goodbye again and again the hug. Man I could get used to this, hahahaha. Thanks Ian, for a terrific night. I know I will not be forgetting this night anytime too soon. I hope someday to get to see you perform again and maybe get another hug. (smile)

Review by: Gin DeMola

All photos sole property of Gin DeMola. Used with permission.

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