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What can I say? I was totally not expecting to come home from a harassed day at work and have such a treat in store for me. Gail, you are the best! I love the pictures and you've no idea what an honor it is to me for you to choose to have them displayed on this site. My only regret is that I could not have been a part of such a fun gathering of friends.....and gettin' one of dem dar "bar-hugs" from DA MAN and Y'ALL!!


Weezy, Rockgoddes, IAN, Cathy, LoriC and Sheltie in the middle

Sharon's sister, "Moe", with DA MAN!!

Eeps!! DON'T ASK!! :-\

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :-/

So, who's REALLY looking at the picture he's pointing at?

"This next song I'd like to DEDICATE to Shirley."  ;-) ( I can dream,can't I?)

A man, A guitar, A HOT DIGGITY-DOG!!

Are we feelin' it, yet?

Don't you just love a man and a mic?!?

Ian and DelsCat

Gail J.(Sheltie), Ian, and Cathy L.(DelsCat)

Cathy, Sharon, Gail, Lisa(Weezy), and LoriC


Aww mannn!! Youse guys!! :-)))))))

Like I said before, next time nothing less than King-sized will do for Da Man!

Lisa (Weezy) and Ian

Sharon (Rockgoddes) and Ian

Erhm, kicking back with IANIANIANIANIAN...


I call this "Portrait of The Tskee's"


All photos are the sole property of Gail Johnson (aka Sheltie). Used with Permission.

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