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Note: There's quite a lot of images on this page. If, perchance, some of them fail to load then click the refresh/reload button on your browser.

My "first" attempt. Proof I needed practice!

Ian! Here's where I did Ian using the clothes he's got on at the top of his message board! I dig that picture, y'know.

The "infamous", eeps!, Ophy & Tuly

The first one I did all on my own. It's Me! Overalls and all! Then, my sister made her blink. Cute, eh?

My non-transparent of Miss Julie, traveler extroidinaire

I love figure skating so had to do a skater. Hope to do more in the future. Sweet, ain't she?

Hmmm, not real sure how I feel about her goofy face but I loved how her hair and shoes turned out!

She needs a l'il work on the transparent skirt but, all in all, I reckon I liked the result.

So far, this one's been my favorite! I did her using Xandorra's satin dress tutorial. I love her hair and necklace!

This was a gift for Angel, another graphic artist and dollz designer online. Not adoptable.

Ian's head! Pixel by pixel....Fun Fun!

I loved the tranquil look I managed to get with her face.

My sister sent me the base and gave me the challenge to do something with it. Okay, yeah well.

Used a photograph and a crop of the top she was wearing to do this picture. Love the facial expression. O'course, it needs a tskin'.

An Roller/Ian fan! Boooo Yeahhh!

A Mary Kay consultant! Hahaha

Angel! I used the hairdressing pic on her personal site for the layered curls.

My first practice with fabric designs. Should have probably shrunk them a l'il for her dress.

Wendy! Though Wendy's got green eyes instead of blue, I felt I captured her in the casual comfy clothing and the l'il rattie.

A simple "belle". Wanted to practice a bit with that old civil war era look.

I worked HARD on this one. She's a Roller/Ian fan! Not real satisfied with her hair but I dig the outfit! Great fashion sense, eh?

My sister sent me this base, called a "chubbs" base, and wanted to see what I would do with it. Doesn't she look friendly, though?

Er, speakin' of, THIS is friendly! Too friendly! I did this one while practicing with the fishnet patterns I found online. I love the way her face and makeup turned out.

My son, Corey's, editing of a base. This is what you'd call an emaciated version of "Vegeta" of the DragonBall Z series.
Cuuuuuuuuute face, don't'cha think?Haha

I did Jacky twice. See, I thought she had short hair and one lab. Learn a bit later it's longer hair and two labs. Fixed it, I reckon. Btw, the labs pictured here were the first bases I did on my own. FUN!

GailG, Ian Mitchell fan, Drew Carey fan, Clay Aiken expecting her first baby in late August or early September 2003. Here she is in her preggers state.

My first ever entry in a Dollz contest. This one is being held on the Pudd'N's Place site. What the's fun so why not?


Soon as I remember where all of the bases for these dollz came from, I'll give the site name for credit! I didn't make any of them. Just did the hair, face and apparel.

 I've had a blast doing these! Who would've thunk it! Maybe it's because I can "do art" without having to break out all of the pencils and pads and then put them away....who knows? Just another part of graphics that I wanted to be able to get a handle on and, though I need a lot of work, I'm gettin' there! Havin' fun doin' it, anyhoo.

Below are some links that will help anyone else who's interested in doing these. Tutorials, bases, etc....That's where I started! :-) There are loads more out there.....I reckon I'll get around to doing another search so I can list them all. Thankfully, a lot of the sites below have links to follow for more tutorials, dollz, etc. Have fun surfing!

Angel's Dollz
Xandorra's Place
Josie's Dollz
Basebody Tutorial
All About Dollz


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