Site updates:

9-24-01-Began this new site of DA MAN!! :))

10-3-01-Added Ian interview to Biography section. This was so awesome to get!!

10-6-01-More pictures of Ian and Wendy found a home on "The Couple"  page...yeah!!

10-7-01-Launched massive attack on Ian board over who makes the best Shepherd's Pie.

10-10-01-Added even more pictures to "The Couple" page and a few personal questions w/answers from Wendy...haha

10-10-01-More pictures scanned and added to "Images Of Ian", this was fun!! Publicly admitted marriage proposal to Ian on Official Ian board from when I was.......well, do we really need to go into all that?!?

10-11-01-Put five more pics on the "Images Of Ian" page. Today we observe the one month anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on America.

10-12-01-Got rid of pesky frames and removed original background. It was cute but didn't work on other's browsers. Thanks to J. Carwile's suggestion to use tables, it looks like the site is now accessible to all......I can hope!! Added new image of Ian on the front page.....of course, my household members think he looks naked.........why can't they see the jean's line, I ask ya?!?

 10-14-01-Added page with links to upcoming Fests. Click on the pictures for more information and join the fun!

10-16-01-Gave the UK2K+1 Fest pics a new home. These are awesome shots, if anyone hasn't seen them; courtesy of Sheltie, Gin and Cathie.

10-30-01-Updated my BCR related message boards page. If I've forgotten someone, and I alway feel like I have, please let me know! My memory ain't so hot nowadays, y'know? tsk

10-31-01-Sharing the joyful news of the release of Ian Mitchell's new Christmas cd!! We'un's proud of you, DUDE!! I feel like I've waited forever for this cd, and I'm beyond elated!! Thanks to all the wayyy kewl people who put it together! Hey online fem's and fellers! Order Order Order Order Order.............!! "I'm so excited, and I jest can't hide it.......I'm about to get me one, and I know I'll like it!" Y'all didn't know I could sang, did ya? Don't worry, neither does my family. :(

11-01-01-Added the kewlest press releases about the newly released, long-awaited cd!! Ian in The News!! Ian in The News!!

11-02-01-MAILED MY ORDER FOR THE NEW CHRISTMAS CD, "THE GIFT"!!! Okay, I'm calm.....but I CAN'T WAIT TIL' IT GETS HERE!!! YESSSssssssss!! Also ordered the video from the Rosetta Stone Fest that was held in September '01!!!.......Is this going to be a wayy kewlll month or what!?!

11-03-01-Was able to add to the Discography page thanks to Mel. Thanks Mel! This was after I tsked Miss. Julie on her message board.

11-05-01-Uploaded more pictures on the Images Of Ian page, thanks to Jill Puich!! Thanks Jill!! What would I ever do without you!?! You're so wayyy kewwwlll!!

11-15-01-WOW!! Talk about a day! Didn't start out too good, but whoa...I got home, checked my mail and there it was! The RS Fest 2001 video from the awesome Marianne Bean....can't wait to watch it and see what all I missed being there in person.  Thanks to her, I was also able to add two more pics to the Images Of Ian page....and hmmmm......there was a special swatch enclosed...haha. Marianne, thank you!! I don't know if I really believed you'd do it, but you did, and I got such a laugh! How awesome. Now, how to explain to my grandchildren one day. Ah well, I've got time yet to worry about all of that, eh?

12-16-01-Added Bear's memories to The Fan's page. Her words say so much.....she's so eloquent!! I was very touched reading it......gosh, who couldn't absolutely fall in love with this woman? She is positively precious!

1-6-02-Added newly discovered fan Emma's words in the Fan's section. Kewl!! Another Ian fan to harass ;-)

1-26-02-Four new pictures joined the Images Of Ian page, one of them thanks to Jill, and three that I got from that way kewl Marianne of the Official Rosetta Stone Site. As of today's date, this site is four months and two days old. Awesome!

2-10-02-Put in Ian's March Canadian show dates on the News page.

2-11-02-Added Gina's story on the Fan's page. Anyone reading it can't help but recognize a bit of themselves in it, as well. When I first read it, I was like, OMIGOODNESS, she is just like me!

3-07-02-Our deepest condolences go out to Ian and his family due to the loss of his father, Alan Mitchell, on March 6th..

3-14-02-New page featuring reviews by fans who were able to attend an Ian show in Canada. Special thanks to Sandra R, and Gin, whose review is in the works, and a possible addition by another fan. Keep a lookout.

3-15-02-Gin's review of one of Ian's Canada gigs joined the "Ian In Canada" page today. Wonderful and enjoyable review and, don't worry, Gin already knows I tsked her cos' of the hugs she got from Ian. :-\

3-25-02-Ya had to be here!! When I saw the Ian pic's complete with Tsk and Twix bar, I screamed so loud from laughter that I alarmed several members of my household. I never checked on the neighbors, so they may be a l'il more gray-haired, too! Haha. Gail aka Sheltie, supplied these pictures......They are wonderful! Stupendous!! Awesome!! Superb!! Outa Sight! Wayyyyyyy Kewlllll!!! Joined the site today on their very own "Ian in Canada-The Sequel" (haha) page! These really ARE just too great!!

4-4-02-Added more pics from another Ian gig that SandraR attended. Great pics and DA MAN is lookin' GOOD! Check 'em out!

4-21-02-Gina (aka Chitownloon) gave me permission to use pictures that she'd sent to one of the discussion lists. The pics and her comments were so kewl I couldn't wait to get them up. I've also added the memories of JacVil on the Fan's page this morning.

6-13-02-Added a new link for a great new message board recently put out called BCR SwapBoard. What a great idea!

7-16-02-Added Jason's write-up to the Fans page. Jason had the opportunity to meet Ian when Ian was in Canada and was highly impressed with him as a musician and as a dude. Hey, who couldn't be? Booo yeahhhh!

7-27-02-Updated the Upcoming Fan Gatherings Page to include the Rosetta Stone Fest 2003 official site link and the link to the Rosetta Stone Fest Information page on the Official Ian Mitchell Site. I registered for this one as soon as it was confirmed. Hope to see you all there!

8-25-02-Did a little updating, that's all. More pictures are coming as soon as I can get them scanned. Keep a lookout, sho'nuff?  :-)

1-7-03-Put some of my "creations" online. This is fun stuff I've done over the years and felt they simply go to waste stored on a floppy....Why not share 'em and bring some of those fun times back to mind.

5-15-03-Updated fans page. If you have a memory from your teenage years you'd like to share or a memory from a meeting with Ian, contact me via the e-mail link at the bottom of each page.

6-02-03-Tremendous thanks to Jeanie (JCtheBD) who gave her consent for me to reprint her review of Ian's gig in Culver City at Joxer Daly's on March 24th! Loved this review a lot, Jeanie, and thank you, thank you, thank you!

7-22-03-Added a Dollz page! Well, I figured since I've whiled away the time doin' them I might as well put 'em they're up! Tsker's comin' at a later date :-\

2-20-04-Ian gig in Warsaw! Lots of attendees and lots of wonderful memories! Check out their reviews and pictures!

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